Your Furnace

The Heart of Your Home's Comfort System

Your furnace is the heart of your home comfort system. Like your heart beats and moves blood throughout your body, your furnace generates warm air, pushes it through your home's ductwork, and sends it throughout your household. Without your furnace operating properly, you can’t be protected from the cold of winter.

Today’s furnaces are technological marvels. They run with great energy efficiency and possess more safety features than ever before. However, furnaces are still machines comprised of complicated parts and moving components. To operate properly, these parts and components require periodic inspection.

Should your furnace not receive proper attention, severe problems could occur. Over time, it could begin to run inefficiently, wasting energy and money. It could experience costly repairs. You furnace also may completely break down and need to be replaced years before its time.

If not properly cared for, furnaces can present an even bigger, more serious problem. Furnaces can release poisonous carbon monoxide gas into a home’s air supply. In that instance, the consequences could be deadly.

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